Announcing Trademark ®️

We are thrilled to announce that SyNCUP® is now officially a registered trademark! This is a monumental step for LogicSense Ltd., as it underscores our dedication to creating a Sustainably Nourished Community. But what does this mean for our customers, users, and the world at large?

SyNC UP Logo Trademark

A Promise of Quality: The SyNCUP® trademark is not just a symbol; it’s a promise. It represents our unwavering commitment to delivering the highest standards of information and services that empower you to make ethical, health-conscious decisions.

Protecting Our Community: Trademarks protect consumers and companies alike. For LogicSense Ltd., it means safeguarding the integrity of our platform. For our users, it’s the assurance that when you see SyNCUP, you’re engaging with a trusted source that echoes your values of health, wellbeing, and planetary healing.

Global Recognition: As SyNCUP becomes synonymous with a Sustainably Nourished Community, we envision a world where everyone recognizes and resonates with our mission. It’s more than a name; it’s a global movement towards sustainable living.

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Empowering Change: SyNCUP is here to guide curious minds towards better consumption habits. We aim to help you reduce your ‘food print’, making choices that benefit not just your health but the environment too.

The Need for SyNCUP: In a world facing unprecedented challenges, the SyNCUP initiative is more than necessary; it’s essential. We’re not just a platform; we’re a community of like-minded individuals committed to making a difference. Together, we can address the pressing issues of health, wellbeing, and environmental sustainability.

Join us in celebrating this milestone as we continue to grow, learn, and SyNCUP for a healthier, more sustainable future.

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