Primary Benefits

Companies perform better when they protect, promote, and support mental health and wellbeing in the workplace. At LogicSense Ltd. we believe Sustainability is everyones Responsibility and appreciate organisations that place diversity & inclusion at the core of their ethics. As your responsible partners, we support your intention of adding value to “individuals” (across all age, gender, education, profession, physical/medical conditions, financial background, ethnicity, culture, traditional belief, dietary needs, allergies/intolerances and even life goals!). SyNCUP is committed to build for inclusivity.  

For Customers

1. Take initiative towards preventative actions: Think beyond insurance, extend a supportive, motivating environment to show that you care about entire Team and their Nutrition.
2. Workforce engagement: Onboard people across all your departments, domains, & geographical locations.
3. Promote Behaviour based safety for all: Gather & listen to “new ideas” from your employees to reduce organisational carbon footprint.
4. Achieve results: Instead of managing/offsetting credits, make changes take pride, get results, show your customers and stakeholders that ‘environment is your priority’.
5. Save time and money: Most Training programs don’t address the core problems, hence require periodic repetition depending on availability of both trainers and participants. Also, they are expensive due to non scalability. Take a wholistic approach towards problem solving with self-paced learning SyNCUP.

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For Users

1. Acquire essential life skills: To tackle the risks of Malnutrition and Over consumption.
2. Create custom profile: Learn & develop methods to reduce individual carbon footprint.
3. Freely access SyNCUP: Use & share the knowledge with family & loved ones.
4. Get personalised: Additional nutrition & sustainability advice from experts.
5. Community building: Be a part of (or start your own) prestigious climate friendly community.

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