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What is SyNCUP?

SyNCUP (Sustainably Nourished Community – Universal Platform) is built to bridge the gap between Nutritional needs while addressing climate crisis.

…ok that is too generic, so how do you bridge this gap?

We provide missing pieces of information with a gamified approach that brings in a behavioural change. We call it as a daily dose of bite size learning, inspiring stories, climate friendly recipes, and food fun facts. Make “Sustainable Nutrition” as a topic of interest just like sports/news/movies/food.

What are the gaps in current scenario and how does SyNCUP bridge these gaps?

Gaps identifiedHow SyNCUP addresses
Lack of awareness among general public about daily consumptions and their impact on environment.Create a sense of awareness and turn users into confident Planet Saviours.
Information (about Sustainability & Nutrition) is spread across multiple mediums. A dedicated platform for institutions compassionate about environment, employee wellbeing and willingness to achieve Net Positive.
Too much technical information available, but no filtration or verification. Facts & information presented with anecdotal scenarios and engaging infographics.
Too many questions and no clear answers. Provide Q&A along with sources to avoid confusion. 
No easy access / way to approach the experts or unknown sources of information.Transparency in providing users with all sources of information, and Subject matter experts.
Institutions and individuals have very less time allocated to think about these.Bite size content that emphasises on collective efforts, to make each minute/decision count; support them to take informed decisions.

Do you focus on any specific UN SDG’s?

We understand your concern about Climate Care, and know you seek innovative ways to reach NetZero targets. Our commitments will enable to go above and beyond typical targets, to become climate positive. Click to know how SyNCUP helps to accelerate execution of UN SDG’s.

What benefit does SyNCUP offer?

SyNCUP is built for inclusivity. Click to read about Benefits of using SyNCUP, for Customers and Users

What age group and users prefer using SyNCUP?

Sustainability is everyone’s responsibility. So we have curated custom content for every generation, the mature, grown ups and specially crafted some for those still growing. Our vision, mission and values are aligned to suit everyones needs. 

How long do/can I use SyNCUP?

We understand in most of the cases, bringing in a behavioural change doesn’t happen overnight, its a quest that needs commitment and dedication. Given a fact that Nutrition is a complex topic for some, while Sustainability is relatively new and in a trend that’s constantly changing! We are here to support our customers and the users in every part of their quest. Even though it means going out the way to clear even a single roadblock, we’ll ensure you get that last mile connectivity with SyNCUP

What about users having special needs?

We value inclusivity, so our users with special needs can access the same content in various other formats (using podcasts, voiceovers with audio description defining scenes based on screen events, videos with closed caption texts as per Web Content Accessibility Guidelines).

What does the symbol of sustainability mean?

You can learn about philosophy behind our symbol by clicking here.

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