Adapt behaviour of Regeneration

Simple behavioural changes today indicate superior results tomorrow!

How is SyNCUP different in bringing behavioural change?

SyNCUP is built using Heutagogical (collaborative learning) approach. Users not only think about a problem and the actions they have taken, but also reflect upon the problem solving process itself. Participants begin to question their assumptions and gain insight into not only what they are learning but also how they learn (aka double loop learning).

This approach helps participants to transform from being:
Lazy to Active
Stressed to Relieved
Confused to Confident
Deficient to Sufficient
Extravagant to Minimalist
Consumerist to Conservationist
Subconscious Ignorant to Self-aware Individual

Climate Hurting to Climate Healing

SyNCUP enables you to connect with people who share your passion for sustainability, nutrition, and care. By joining a quest, you can enjoy the freedom of choosing what you want to learn, how you want to learn it, and who you want to learn it with. You can also create your own quest and invite others to join you. This freedom and happiness can improve your well-being, productivity, creativity, and satisfaction. Each quest is an interactive challenge that helps you explore new topics, skills, or hobbies related to these areas.

Your team members feel valued and appreciated when they see the benefits to create an impact that matters.

What are different levels of education & what level does SyNCUP use?

Education 1.0 – Lectures, rote learning & memorization.
Education 2.0 – Internet-enabled learning
Education 3.0 – Knowledge-based learning
Education 4.0 – Innovation-based Education

SyNCUP is built on Education 4.0

The World Economic Forum defined a new education model, called Education 4.0, which contains eight major changes to redefine learning in the new economy. Heutagogy, or self-determined learning, is an approach that promotes critical thinking, social-emotional skills, and life-long learning. These skills are necessary for Education 4.0. The purpose of this paper is to recommend the principles of heutagogy as an effective teaching and learning approach to meet the needs of Education 4.0. The approach of the study examines existing literature on Education 4.0 and heutagogy. The paper provides a base for further research and discussion into how heutagogy and other approaches can support the needs of Education 4.0 to prepare learners for a changing world.
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